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Christina and Matt Hindle

Licensed REAA 2008

it's all about trust

What you can expect from Matt & Christina

1. We stand in your shoes: we take the agency duty seriously. We’re hands-on and we treat your property as if it were our own. You’ll be safe in our hands. It’s as simple as that. 

“Not only did they sell our home, they fetched “Top Dollar”! Their professionalism and negotiation skills during the offer process were one of the highlights of the entire sale process. There was not a single point during this time where we felt they were not acting on our behalf” 

2. No surprises: if it’s your birthday, surprises are great. But they’re not so great when your future, livelihood, or home is at stake.If there’s one hallmark of a trusting partner relationship, it is openness. We’re straight shooters who believe in the importance of prompt, thoughtful and honest communication with our clients. You’ll know who you’re dealing with from the get go. 

 “Another key factor was that both Christina and Matt were very professional and made no attempt to talk our property up to the point of having unrealistic expectations” 

3. Skill: with every champion – athlete or agent – the key to success rests in the power of their follow through. After all the build-up and preparation that goes into successfully getting your home onto the market, a weak follow through or the absence of one makes no sense. Imagine if Lydia Ko stopped her swing just before she got to the ball. That’s why follow through is one of our key strengths. And we deliver it with attention to detail, polish, and the time and effort required to make it all work. We’ll give you sound advice every step of the way and you’ll benefit from our outstanding experience and knowledge of the market.

“They exceeded our expectations with their professionalism, knowledge of the market and our suburb, excellent communication especially following open homes and their advice and recommendations to us to maximise the saleability of our property.” 

4. Marketing: not standing out is the same as being invisible. Nothing about us is one size fits all and that’s where we really add value to you. Our marketing enhances your individual property and its attributes. It’s about making sure your home stands out to spark market interest and get buyers buzzing. We aim to lead the market to your home, rather than simply presenting it. 

 ”Christina and Matt presented a well-constructed marketing proposal and we were both comfortable in allowing them to guide us towards achieving the best possible marketing campaign. We had also invited them to provide us with some “constructive criticism” with fresh eyes as to how we could increase the “wow” factor when presenting our home. The feedback and suggestions they provided definitely assisted us in the final stages of readying our home.” 

 5. Service: we make no secret of it: we’re about quality not quantity. We aim to provide service so good our clients actually remark on it. Quite simply, clients who deal with us love what we do. That’s why much of our business is repeat business and referrals. 

 “The key to selling your house is engaging a good great real estate agent. A house doesn’t sell itself, it needs a skilful agent to work with buyers to bring an offer to fruition. The Hindles definitely have what it takes, and we would recommend this awesome team to anyone who is considering selling.” 

A Great Team

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